About Us

Palm Springs Sign

Thanks for visiting! I'm Linda, your makeup-loving, celebrity-gabbing, calm-yet-spontaneous friend. I delved into beauty years ago, and it was always my dream to create a beauty line. After plenty of deliberation, coffee-fueled late nights, and a ton of swatching, BeautiePaint was born.

BeautiePaint is a cosmetics line focused on creating products inspired by my [and your] favorite vacation spots - both popular and off-the-beaten-path locations!  

Because Palm Springs, CA tourism has been picking up rapidly, I figured the Palm Springs area would be perfect for my first products. But, I don't vacation in Palm Springs - I live and staycation here! 

I created this first Pom Pom Springs palette based on my own memories of the city, from child to adulthood. It's a bright and vibrant palette, perfect for color lovers.

Along with the palette, a collection of brushes I call Cactus Flower is available for purchase. The 7 brushes come in a spunky glitter bag, making them perfect for travel.

Stay tuned for future Palm Springs based product releases!